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Welcome to the project page for the Briargate-Stapleton Planning Study. The purpose of this web page is to share information and seek community input and feedback regarding corridor preservation, access management and future improvements to the Briargate Parkway-Stapleton Road corridor, between Black Forest Road and Meridian Road. As shown in the Regional Corridors Map included in the Project Overview, this planned principal arterial roadway will be part of an overall regional transportation network that will provide improved connectivity within the greater Colorado Springs area and beyond. Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) funding was approved for the initial planning phase only. Funding for corridor improvements have not been identified.  


Here you will find the 
latest news on the project.

* Corridor Preservation Plan Adopted!

The final Briargate-Stapleton Corridor Preservation Plan was adopted as part of the

County's Master Plan on December 7, 2023.

* Access Control Plan Adopted! 
The final Access Control Plan for the Corridor was also adopted on December 7, 2023. 

Project overview

Project Overview

As shown by the map, the Briargate Parkway–Stapleton Road
(in some locations referred to as Stapleton Drive) corridor is an integral part of a larger transportation corridor system providing connectivity with I-25 to the north and south of the greater Colorado Springs area. Stapleton Road continues easterly from this project area to connect with US 24 and with Judge Orr Road and Curtis Road to the east of the City. Curtis Road provides connection to Bradley Road and ultimately to I-25 south of Colorado Springs. The corridor study section under consideration as part of this project is mostly undeveloped at this time with some portions containing existing roadways of various types and phases of construction associated with adjacent developments that have occurred over time. The project area begins at Black Forest Road, which is the eastern boundary of the Wolf Ranch subdivision currently under development and is also currently the eastern boundary of the City of Colorado Springs. The terminus of the project area is along the Stapleton Road right-of-way at Meridian Road. 

There is currently a large amount of development in this rapidly developing area of the City and the County. While a majority of the project area is currently within the jurisdiction of the County, it is likely that a significant portion of the currently developing areas within the corridor may be incorporated into the City as development progresses.

One of the primary purposes of this project is to verify and develop the master plan requirements for the roadway. The County’s 2040 Major Transportation Corridors Plan (MTCP) included specific recommendations regarding functional classification, transportation modes, and other uses for the Briargate-Stapleton corridor. The MTCP indicates that corridor is expected to be a four-lane principal arterial from the eastern City Limits of Colorado Springs (Black Forest Road) to Judge Orr Road. It is anticipated that this project will plan for the ultimate improvements, but that interim phases of capacity and safety improvements may be warranted based upon the findings of the studies and funding limitations. The corridor will also be evaluated to determine if additional mobility provisions such as bike route, pedestrian accommodations, and public transit are necessary.


The preferred alternative will reflect corridor improvements that optimize public safety, needs, and preferences while balancing enhanced capacity, access management, and development.


Project resources

Project Resources

Related Planning Studies

The latest Major Transportation Corridors Plan (MTCP), adopted in 2016, classified the full Briargate - Stapleton Road corridor as a principal arterial with an ultimate 4-lane to
6-lane width. El Paso County completed Stapleton Road Corridor Study in 2006. The 2006 Study established a preferred alignment for the eastern corridor between Meridian Road and Curtis Road and an associated Access Management Plan. Most of the planned improvements have been built. Click "Learn More" to navigate to links to documentation for the MTCP, the 2006 study and the more recent 2013 Stapleton Road/US 24 Access Permit Traffic Impact Study.

Project Documents

As the study progresses we will post study documents and exhibits for public review and comment.
This may include Online Public Meeting presentation slides, reports and conceptual design drawings.

Study Area
Development Plans

The Ranch, Wolf Ranch, Highland Park, Eagle Rising, Wolf Ranch, Sterling Ranch, Stapleton Estates, Wildridge and Indian Wells planned developments border the Briargate Parkway - Stapleton Road project corridor. Click "Learn More" to view current site development plans for each of these projects. Links to additional project exhibits and reports provide a closer look at up to date project planning.

Public outreach

Public Outreach

Community input helps shape the final recommendations presented in the preferred alternative, identifying corridor improvements that optimize safety, needs, and preferences while balancing enhanced capacity, access management, and development. Make your voice heard and invite fellow community members to participate in the following ways:

Public outreach


Tell us what matters to you.
Fill out our comment form.

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Interactive map

Visit and leave your comments on the interactive project map.
Click on Go To Map below.
Click on Go To Q&A to view previous comments and responses.

Review & Comment

The Briargate-Stapleton FINAL study reports are available for Public Review & Comment.  Click on Go To Study Reports to review the final study findings. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do you mean by improvements? Is there a list of possible improvements?

Ultimate improvements within the corridor may include: construction or widening to a four-lane roadway cross-section; the addition of, or upgrades to roadway drainage structures; the construction of, or upgrades to intersections including lengthening or adding turn lanes and traffic control at intersections (STOP signs on cross streets, STOP signs on all intersection approaches, traffic signals, or conversion to roundabouts); and construction of, or upgrades to pedestrian and bicycle facilities. However, it is important to keep in mind that the focus of this study is the identification of a preferred alternative alignment and conceptual design for the planned Briargate Parkway-Stapleton Road principal arterial roadway from Black Forest Road east to Meridian Road as well as the adoption of and access management plan for the full corridor. The County has engaged the City in a cooperative the planning process for the corridor with the intent of developing a final preferred alignment, conceptual design and access management plan that will be implemented by both jurisdictions.

Q: What happens after the studies are complete?
The Corridor Preservation Plan and the Access Management Plan will put in place the necessary framework to begin the process of reserving right-of-way for the future roadway corridor as well as ensuring that access to the corridor is managed in a way that preserves the intended future function of the Briargate Parkway-Stapleton Road as a principal arterial roadway.  Much of this very important framework building activity will not be evident by near-term construction activity. However, where development plans have been, or soon will be approved, segments of the roadway may also be built in the near term. These near-term improvements may be privately funded or may be constructed through public-private partnerships. Other associated near-term improvements, such as trail segments and drainage improvements, may be constructed using a combination local and federal dedicated transportation funding.  
Q: Who is responsible for implementing the improvements?
Implementing improvements within the overall Briargate Parkway-Stapleton Road corridor are local and regional priorities. Funding for improvements has not been identified and will likely be ultimately completed cooperatively. Resources could include: development improvements, grants and federal funds, using public-private partnerships as well as other transportation funding. 
Q: How will this project affect me? Near term? Long term?
The near-term outcomes of the study will include preparation and adoption of corridor preservation and access management plans for the full corridor. You may experience temporary construction impacts associated with these improvements. You will not see the effects of near-term right-of-way dedications and/or reservations; however, this corridor preservation framework for will support future implementation of improvements to the full corridor. Ultimate improvements will complete connectivity of the roadway on the preferred alternative alignment and will implement the preferred conceptual design for the roadway.  The County has engaged the City in the planning process with the intent of developing an alignment, conceptual design and access management plan that will be implemented throughout the corridor by both jurisdictions.
Q: How can I participate? What is the best way to make my opinions heard?
Fill out one comment form or more as needed to as the study progresses. You may use the interactive map or the form to submit your comments. Be sure to share anything that you feel should be considered as part of the planning process. We will respond to your questions and let you know how your input was used. Be sure to participate in the online survey. We will post a summary of what we learned from you and others. There will also be an online Town Hall Meeting to present study findings and recommendations. That event will include an online Q&A and polling to collect you thoughts about the recommended improvements. 
Q: Can I be notified of study results? Survey results? 
Yes. All study results will be posted as reports, presentations, or map exhibits on the website for your review and comment. Summaries of survey results and future online Virtual Public Open House polling results will also be posted.
Q: How can I share project info with my friends, family, and coworkers?
The best way to share project information with friends, family and coworkers is to direct them to this website. The website is the best source of up-to-date project information and offers a variety of opportunities to make your voices heard.
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