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The El Paso County Virtual Public Open House for the Briargate-Stapleton Corridor Study is Live! 

The Virtual Open House is your opportunity to learn about the study, review the study's draft recommendations, submit your comments or questions to the project team, and provide valued input to help shape the final recommendations for the study. Visit the Open House at: Virtual Public Open House


Here are some helpful tips for the first time virtual meeting attendees.

  1. Use your mouse, or finger if you are using a device with touchscreen display,
    to pan around the room to the different exhibits.

  2. Click on the informational button (blue square with the letter i) to learn
    about what information will be presented at that particular exhibit.

  3. Review the information being presented at each exhibit by clicking on the
    other blue button at each exhibit.

The Virtual Public Open House will be virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions. Although the formal comment period for the Virtual Public Open House has closed, the site remains open for viewing. Before of after touring the Open House you can still use the Comment Form below to let us know your thoughts about the project. Alternatively, you can comment on specific locations along the corridor using the interactive comment map available on this website at: Interactive Map. For full detail, you can check the boxes to the right of the interactive map to turn on embedded layout layers for the approved and planned developments along the corridor.

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